Are “They” always right?

I’ve been told by my mother that I was quite a ‘precocious’ child which I think means I was a bit of a handful!

Which is funny because my childhood memories tell me that I was rather shy and fearful and would take a back seat rather than risk being centre stage.

Over the years, I have realised how much of what we become in life is created by our imaginings, our perceived fears, our misgivings and the stuff we take on board from other people.  Who we really are becomes blocked by layers and layers of “protective” misconceptions.

Dead bird with flies

In my experience, there are three secrets to unlocking the original, brightest version of you…

The first is about Trust.

Trust yourself, your intuition, your gut feelings and trust them in the moment, rather than after the event.

I found that the more I trusted myself and the more I chipped away at those protective layers, the more I could naturally be me.

Trusting myself brought me self-confidence and a knowing that came from within… I didn’t doubt its validity, nor did I have to look to other people for confirmation.

The second is about Openness.

Being open to knowledge, learning, new ideas, different perspectives, questioning… because with openness comes exploration, and with exploration comes evolution.

There have been times when I have been far from open!  I was closed, judgemental, sceptical, dismissive and unwilling to question my own preconceived ideas.  That had to change and being open allowed it to happen.

What or who are you judging without even realising it?  When do you close down when you could open up?

And, the third is about Passion.

Connecting with your passions, what you love doing, what brings you joy and what, as a child, you could have done all day without noticing the time pass.


As adults, we often lose sight of such things; there are other claims on our time.  But, they are important to reconnecting with the core of who you really are.

Once I connected with what I am passionate about and what brings me joy, and I made the decision to focus all my energyon it rather than resist it, life became a lot simpler and a lot more fun!

And, I guarantee it will be the same for you.

Helen Kerrison

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