The 3 questions you MUST ask yourself this New Year!

First, I have a question for you… How are you going to be happier, more fulfilled and joyful in 2012?

Don’t know?  Well, you’re not alone!

Many of us have no idea how to make positive changes in our lives.

This is where my three questions come in because they will help change all that, and it’s really simple… just 3 questions to ask yourself and here they are…

The first question is: What are the good things I already have in my life that I want to keep?

So, what’s going well, what works, what makes you feel happy – and be very honest.  It’s not what you think should be making you happy, it’s what actually IS making you happy.

The second question is: What are the things in my life that are asking to be released and let go of?

What are the things that no longer serve you?  What are you holding on to that is actually holding you back?  What emotions are you feeling that need to be released?

And, the third question is: What are the new things I want to welcome into my life?

What is it you want to manifest in your life? What are you ready to say yes to? What are your passions and your dreams?

And it’s important to write your answers to all three questions down.  Be as detailed as possible and be totally honest with yourself because this is about becoming very clear about what you want and don’t want in your life.

When you’ve done that, it’s time to make a plan for your next steps, the actions to take, where to seek guidance and how to make it work for you.

This New Year, more than any other, is about forward motion right from the start. So, use the positive energies and decide to make your life a happier place to be in 2012!

I would love to hear from you so please feel free to share who you are and your experiences in the comments. I’ll be sure to reply!

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