To Serve Others, Serve Yourself

As a service-oriented business person you are, by nature, drawn to helping, supporting and serving others in one way or another. This is admirable, but there is often a price to pay.

The danger with all service-oriented people is that service can easily slip into self-sacrifice.


That’s when you have to consciously learn to serve yourself first before serving others.

Now, that may sound selfish and, to many people it may feel unnatural.

From an early age, women in particular are programmed to put others first, which means they often put themselves last.

Do you recognise yourself here? How many of you are reading this and thinking ‘Yes, that’s me!’


Are you last on the list as far as getting your needs met… even behind the dog and the cat!

The thing is, you cannot give more than you already have and unless you feel emotionally connected and inwardly strong, you will not have the emotional resilience and inner strength to give your best to others.

When you serve from a space of depletion the result is burn-out, depression, dissatisfaction, lack of vitality, exhaustion, and so on.


Take a moment to reflect on how you serve others. Has your serving slipped into self-sacrifice? Which of your own needs are not being met and what do you need to do to change that?

Take action today to serve yourself first because when you do everyone will benefit.

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