Three Massive Mistakes that keep Smart Women (and Men)
feeling Overwhelmed, Overworked and heading for Burnout

Mistake # 1 Giving Too Much   You know you should say no, but you regularly over-commit
Mistake #2 Receiving Too Little   You know you should take more care of yourself, but you don’t
Mistake #3 (the REALLY big one) Putting Up With It   Because putting up with it is choosing  to stay in your pain!


  • You’re fed up with your current situation
  • You’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own
  • You’re saying ‘Enough is enough’
  • You’re ready for real, tangible results
  • Then it’s simple, you need help.

You owe it to yourself to be your best, do your best work and have the best in your life

Here’s what others say about working with Helen…


Helena Buckinx)
Helena Buckinx
Artist & Author

I feel like I’m living again, and maybe for the very first time! It is amazing to feel so happy just being alive. Every morning I wake up looking forward to everything. It is such a joy doing what I love.

For years, I counted the days until the weekends…What a change! I read about this in books. I knew the theory, now I feel it!

Thank you, Helen, for helping me find my true goal and ambition in life. I feel blessed to finally see for real what I had felt inside for years!



Wendy Deyell
Wendy Deyell

I was in a rut. I knew I needed to change something in the business I was developing but I wasn’t sure what. After one discussion with Helen, I literally flipped my business model on its head!

Helen combines solid business knowledge with intuitive understanding . She inspires trust and confidence. She is a sounding board, an interpreter, a goal keeper and a handy(wo)man. I am now ‘in the zone’, doing what I love, focused on my priorities, using my energy, passion and skills and having fun!



Emanuela Molinar
Emanuela Molinari
Operations Executive

When I started working with Helen I felt overwhelmed. I knew I needed to make changes to my work and my personal life, although I had no idea how to do it.

Helen showed me how to change my relationships with others and, most importantly, with myself. She gave me the courage to be honest with myself and make choices and take decisions that have given me a much happier, more successful life at work and at home. Thank you, Helen!


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