Say NO to Drama…its easier than you think!

How many “dramas” are you currently acting out?

How much of your personal and professional life is taken up with the dramas you create and unconsciously perpetuate day after day?

You know, I think we are all closet “drama queens”!

The drama of being stuck in a traffic (what are all those people doing on the road anyway!), the drama of being late for a meeting, the drama of missed deadlines, the drama of breaking a finger nail, the drama of other people’s dramas, and so it goes on!

And, the thing is, most of the time we don’t even realize we are creating all this drama. We think it’s normal, it’s the way life is, it’s the way it’s always been and it’s the way it will always be .

But, how wrong we are!


The day I understood that all the drama in my life was created by me and me alone, was the day I set myself free.

When I “consciously chose to consciously choose”, I released myself from my default programming which was creating energy-draining drama in my life over and over again.

We choose our thoughts, would you agree? There’s nobody else deciding what goes on in our heads…And, we choose what we believe.

So, if you are living the “stuck in traffic” drama, which may well be coupled with the “late for a meeting” drama or the “late to pick up the kids” drama, what’s going on in your head?

Thoughts like, “I don’t believe it…”, “How can this be happening to me”, “If only this traffic would move”, “Why don’t they do something about it”… and so on.

Sound familiar?

And, who put those thoughts there?  Yes, you did.

So, what if you were to “consciously choose” different thoughts; to choose to perceive your situation differently; to choose to respond to it differently?

Your drama would evaporate, along with your anxiety, your stress and your increased heart rate!

Situations are what they are. It is how we choose to respond to them that turns them into personal dramas… or not!

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