Drained, Overwhelmed, Burned-out? How to Manage your Energy!

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you choose where you spend your energy.

If you’re feeling depleted, empty, drained, burned-out… if it feels like you give a lot and receive little in return… if you wake up in the morning looking forward to going to sleep again at night… then, it’s time to take a close look at how, where and why you spend your energy.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you choose who and what you give your energy to, when you give it and how much you give. Nobody is forcibly taking it from you; you are “agreeing” to give it away.

So, if you feel like you do everything at home, in the office, in the family ask yourself what your part in that dynamic is and what your responsibility is to do things differently.


For example, you’re overwhelmed at work, things are piling up on your desk, important tasks are not being dealt with and you can’t seem to get yourself out of the ever-deepening hole.

What could you delegate? You think about it but no, there’s nothing…

Really? Why is that?

Is it because you believe you are the only person who can do the job properly?

Or, do you perceive delegating as relinquishing control?

If so, what does that bring up in you emotionally? A sense of powerlessness? Lack of self-worth? Failure?

You see, this is how you get stuck in “self-sacrifice” mode, unable to change depleting behaviours because you are not addressing the real reasons behind them.

Deal with the underlying issues, and you will deal with your energy drain.

When you identify the real reasons you give so much of your energy away, that’s when you empower yourself to make different choices.

Choices that give you energy rather than take it away.

Choices that serve you, because when you serve yourself, you really are better able to serve others.


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