Conscious Leadership: ‘being’ or ‘doing’?

In as much as ‘what you do’ is a reflection of ‘who you are’, conscious leadership is more about being than doing…

… being who you are, acknowledging, trusting and expressing yourself and encouraging others to do the same.

As with all leaders, conscious leaders must have the knowledge, skills, capabilities, experiences and focus to fulfil their leadership role, but they also have another strength – they lead from within.

Conscious leaders understand and nurture the connection between heart and head. They know that creating the space for emotional as well as intellectual understanding, adds another dimension to their leadership capacity and it is this self-awareness and inner “connectedness” of conscious leaders that makes all the difference.


A leader who has nothing to hide, nothing to feel uncomfortable about and everything, including the good, the bad and the ugly, is accepted as a basis for their own development and learning, is an insightful, inspirational, compassionate, empathetic, respected, trusted and, above all, authentic leader.

And, those who lead with authenticity have no need for the “security blanket” of pretence, arrogance, aggression, one-upmanship, pulling rank and other common leadership behaviours.

When conscious leaders lead from their heart, those who follow them do so with their hearts.

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