Is 5 Minutes Long Enough?

Can you feel calm, relaxed and peaceful in five minutes? Absolutely!

In fact, I’m sure you can think of quite a few ways to get totally blissed out in five minutes!


However, what I’m going to suggest may not be what you have in mind!

This is about spending five minutes doing absolutely nothing.

I hear a chorus of dismayed voices, ‘Do nothing? I haven’t got time to do nothing!’  And, most of us don’t have the time to do nothing, that’s the problem.

We are trapped in our busy-ness, running around in circles, doing a lot but achieving very little.

However, if you do spend time in stillness, you will know about the benefits, and the challenges!

It is only when you are physically and ‘consciously’ still that you notice the struggle within you.

That’s when you notice the overwhelming desire to be somewhere else, doing something else. You notice how you talk to yourself incessantly, how impatient you feel, how your mind takes you on a merry chase around all the things you should be doing and how it leaves you feeling anxious and resentful about doing nothing. You feel lost, you feel uncomfortable, your environment feels strange and unfamiliar and you can’t wait to get back to your familiar state of distraction and busy-ness.

Sitting still and doing nothing is about moving from closed and shut-down to open and aware.

In moments of conscious stillness, you become open to awareness, understanding and knowing. You become open to developing a different relationship with yourself and with others, at every level.

If this is new to you, give it a try.
Find a quiet space, sit  comfortably with a straight back, relax your shoulders, close your eyes, feel your heart beating, listen to your breath and stay very still.  Start with just five minutes.

Give yourself permission to do nothing. Your life will thank you for it!


Excerpted from Helen Kerrison’s ‘Love your Life online & audio program.

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