Expert Interview with Sean Patrick Simpson

Do you want your life to be different? If you do, then you have to watch this interview with the passionate, enthusiastic and quirky Sean Patrick Simpson! Sean is the co-founder and creator of the brand, Conscious Publishing for Conscious Authors. He’s a musician and singer at heart...

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Expert Interview with Viki Winterton

Do you want to be a recognised expert in your field? If you do, then watch this inspiring interview with Viki Winterton and discover the top tips for getting yourself out there! Viki is the founder of Expert Insights Publishing, the home of best-selling and award winning books and magazines and wher...

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Insight TV with Lynda Dyer

Today on Insight TV, I’m joined by Lynda Dyer, founder of Mind Power Global. Mind Power Global is an organisation that assists people to whatever level of consciousness they would like to reach so they may share their brilliance with the world. Lynda teaches NLP, coaches transformational chang...

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Insight TV with Cisco’s Floyd Carlson

Today on Insight TV, I’m joined by Floyd Carlson, Operations Director for the Cisco EMEAR organisation, a part of Cisco’s Global Business Operations. Floyd has been leading teams for 26 years. He has been with Cisco for 13 years and before that he spent 13 years in the US Army. Floyd is...

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Join new Happiness & Performance at Work group

Are you a business leader, manager, employee or entrepreneur? Would you like to know how to create more happiness and performance in the workplace? Then, watch the video and get involved with the new Happiness & Performance at Work group. Join Raphaël Glassberg and Dennis Fredrickx, the group...

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