The 10 Keys to Achievement – N° 2 Responsibility

‘To say you have no choice is to relieve yourself of responsibility.’

This is a quote from Patrick Ness, American-born British author, journalist and lecturer.

How many times have you said to yourself or others, ‘I have no choice’?

The thing is, there is always choice. You may not like the choices you have and you may not want to choose between them, but there is always choice.

As Patrick Ness puts it, saying you have no choice is effectively saying ‘This is not my responsibility’.

But if your choice is not your responsibility, whose responsibility is it?

fish goldfish fish tank fish bowlsYou are 100% responsible for you and your life.

When you task others with providing your happiness, success, love, joy or whatever, you relinquish responsibility for bringing those things into your life.

And, when choice and responsibility are no longer in your hands, the quality of your life is dependent on people, things and situations for which you are not responsible and over which you have little or no control.

By relinquishing responsibility, you become the victim of the world in general.

It’s always Them it’s the system, the government, the economic situation, your boss, your colleagues, your spouse, your neighbours, the weather… Blame and complain mentality sets in and when you buy into that scenario, your life becomes one long ‘drama’, with you the willing protagonist.

Saying No to drama means taking back your power of choice, accepting responsibility for exercising it and reclaiming your life.

The day I personally understood this, was the day I set myself free.

To discover why you create drama in your life and how to let go of it, go to

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