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It’s exciting times for me and my company Insight in Business.

My key objective for 2013 is to bring the Conscious Business suite of programs into more and more organisations.

And, we’ve just released the latest version of the Conscious Business programs, so to celebrate I’m offering a special offer on the Conscious Teams program.

Conscious TeamsWhat if, for a small time and money investment you could offer your team personal and professional development that would have a positive and sustainable impact on them and your bottom line, would you do it?

For more information, please call me +32 486 641 767 or email me or visit

Maybe there’s someone you know, a business partner or associate whose own team could really benefit from this program?

If the Conscious Teams program is not relevant for your business, please also check out Conscious Success and/or Conscious Leadership and connect with me to discuss how we can come up with an offer for you on these programs.

Here are all the links:
Conscious Success:
Conscious Teams:
Conscious Leadership:

To your Conscious Teams success!

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