Struggle is a Choice

When you see your struggles from a new perspective, the struggle within you changes When you let go of what you think you’re struggling with and allow yourself to ‘not know’ the answers, your heart opens and your path becomes clearer…  ...

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It’s never about the money!

How often do you say to yourself, I can’t afford it? From my experience, money excuses are never about the money! Money is just the external expression of a deeper issue, which is usually linked to feeling undeserving and guilty about spending money on yourself. So, when you use money as an excuse,...

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Insight TV with Lynda Dyer

Today on Insight TV, I’m joined by Lynda Dyer, founder of Mind Power Global. Mind Power Global is an organisation that assists people to whatever level of consciousness they would like to reach so they may share their brilliance with the world. Lynda teaches NLP, coaches transformational chang...

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Breakdown before Breakthrough?

The more we resist and fight against the situations in our life, the more they persist! I know I’ve had that experience in my life. The more I’ve fought and struggled against things, the more things I’ve had to fight and struggle against! When that happens, it’s time to let g...

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Avoiding the Anxiety Treadmill

I was working with a client recently who was filled with anxiety. Anxiety about security, money, relationships, sex, home, family… but most of all work.  And, his answer to this situation? To do more of the same… keep on working more and harder in the hope that things would change! So many of us are...

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What have you learned to do very, very well?

As I was sitting, reflecting on nothing in particular this morning, letting the thoughts come and go, allowing them to wash around me, one thought jumped out at me. In fact, it made me jump out of my chair in search of pen and paper to jot down what was in my head. This is what I wrote “What things...

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Letting go of Resistance

Why, oh why, do we resist those things that will bring us the most benefit? Have you ever known that there’s something you absolutely need to do, but you totally resist doing it? It’s more than procrastination, it’s a block, a refusal… Well, I’ve encountered this very recently. In fact, I enco...

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