Struggle is a Choice

When you see your struggles from a new perspective, the struggle within you changes When you let go of what you think you’re struggling with and allow yourself to ‘not know’ the answers, your heart opens and your path becomes clearer…  ...

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It’s never about the money!

How often do you say to yourself, I can’t afford it? From my experience, money excuses are never about the money! Money is just the external expression of a deeper issue, which is usually linked to feeling undeserving and guilty about spending money on yourself. So, when you use money as an excuse,...

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Insight Update: Tired? Need a break?

And, during June 2014 I have a very special offer for you!   Read more in the June 2014 Newsletter, including:...

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The 10 Keys to Achievement – N° 4 Passion

How much passion do you feel for your life? Do you wake up every morning thinking, ‘Yes! Today is going to be another wonderful day living a life I’m totally passionate about!’ What if you did, how good would that be? Amazing, right?  Because, when you live your life with passion, you are connected...

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What is your Why & Why does it Matter?

Why are you in business? Join Paul Lange and me on this TimeOuts video and discover What your Why is all about and exactly Why it Matters! Treat yourself to a TimeOut!           And, we are rocking business in Belgium with the launch of Business Rocks Brussels (Bsnss Rcks BR...

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Free-Registration For Awaken To Your Greatest Life Summit

Starting right now, discover the NEW Secrets to Effortless Awakening your full life potential. Listen to the first 3 calls and experience an immediate shift! These calls are amazing and they don’t cost anything. Free Registration to Awakening your greatest life! Helen...

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Are “They” always right?

I’ve been told by my mother that I was quite a ‘precocious’ child which I think means I was a bit of a handful! Which is funny because my childhood memories tell me that I was rather shy and fearful and would take a back seat rather than risk being centre stage. Over the years, I have realised how m...

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Insight TV with Blanca Vergara

Join me today, Tuesday 7 May, 2013 at 20h00 CET (GMT+1) on Insight TV, when my Special Guest is Blanca Vergara, founder of Your Looking Glass. Your Looking Glass is an advisory and training company devoted to heart-centred business. Based in Amsterdam, Your Looking Glass works with visionaries all a...

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Expert Interview with Sean Patrick Simpson

Do you want your life to be different? If you do, then you have to watch this interview with the passionate, enthusiastic and quirky Sean Patrick Simpson! Sean is the co-founder and creator of the brand, Conscious Publishing for Conscious Authors. He’s a musician and singer at heart...

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Expert Interview with Viki Winterton

Do you want to be a recognised expert in your field? If you do, then watch this inspiring interview with Viki Winterton and discover the top tips for getting yourself out there! Viki is the founder of Expert Insights Publishing, the home of best-selling and award winning books and magazines and wher...

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