Struggle is a Choice

When you see your struggles from a new perspective, the struggle within you changes When you let go of what you think you’re struggling with and allow yourself to ‘not know’ the answers, your heart opens and your path becomes clearer…  ...

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What have you learned to do very, very well?

As I was sitting, reflecting on nothing in particular this morning, letting the thoughts come and go, allowing them to wash around me, one thought jumped out at me. In fact, it made me jump out of my chair in search of pen and paper to jot down what was in my head. This is what I wrote “What things...

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Have you experienced the power (and challenges) of affirmations?

Isn’t it true, that so often we resist that which, when faced, provides us with our greatest learning? We resist the difficult and uncomfortable exactly because, by definition, it is difficult and uncomfortable! Introducing affirmations, those wonderful little positive statements of intent, which ar...

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Saying NO to drama is a Conscious Choice

I was reminded earlier today of a conversation I’d had with a friend a few weeks ago.  It was a conversation about drama.  Not the “on-stage” drama that has us staying up all night learning our lines, but the drama we unconsciously create and perpetuate in our lives day after day. The drama of rushi...

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To follow your Dream, you must know your Dream…

I would like to share a personal story with you… When I was a child, I remember watching a children’s TV programme called “Blue Peter”.  Those of you who are British or who watch the BBC will probably know the programme. It’s still running today, 40 years later! I remember watching the present...

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Are you living a passionate life?

How many of us wake up every morning feeling joyful about the day ahead? How many of us are thinking, “Yes! Today is going to be another wonderful day living a life I’m totally passionate about!” Probably not that many of us, if the truth be known! So, I’ve been thinking about passion… When we live...

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May the Force (or rather, the Energy) be with you!

We are half way through 2011 and I’m thinking back to the beginning of the year and the “life-force” that has guided me and embraced me these last 6 months. I’m reflecting on the week I spent in a cottage on the North Norfolk coast. I was called to go there, it was exactly what I needed to do and th...

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What does your soul need?

Take a moment and find yourself a quiet space – it doesn’t have to be anywhere special, the bottom of the garden, a peaceful few minutes with the laundry or even the bathroom, all are good! Take the time to be still and relax your body, release the thoughts that are occupying your mind, quiet the ch...

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Letting go of Resistance

Why, oh why, do we resist those things that will bring us the most benefit? Have you ever known that there’s something you absolutely need to do, but you totally resist doing it? It’s more than procrastination, it’s a block, a refusal… Well, I’ve encountered this very recently. In fact, I enco...

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2011- a time for tranquility, serenity and inner peace

In 2011, make changes to your life for more tranquility, serenity and inner peace… My love and best wishes for a wonderful festive season! Helen X...

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