Struggle is a Choice

When you see your struggles from a new perspective, the struggle within you changes When you let go of what you think you’re struggling with and allow yourself to ‘not know’ the answers, your heart opens and your path becomes clearer…  ...

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60 Seconds with Helen

First things First & Swimming in December! First Things First If you’re not sure where to start, start here Swimming in December Brrrrrr!...

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Insight Update: Tired? Need a break?

And, during June 2014 I have a very special offer for you!   Read more in the June 2014 Newsletter, including:...

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Say NO to Drama…its easier than you think!

How many “dramas” are you currently acting out? How much of your personal and professional life is taken up with the dramas you create and unconsciously perpetuate day after day? You know, I think we are all closet “drama queens”! The drama of being stuck in a traffic (what are all those people doin...

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To Serve Others, Serve Yourself

As a service-oriented business person you are, by nature, drawn to helping, supporting and serving others in one way or another. This is admirable, but there is often a price to pay. The danger with all service-oriented people is that service can easily slip into self-sacrifice. That’s when you have...

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Insight TV with Blanca Vergara

Join me today, Tuesday 7 May, 2013 at 20h00 CET (GMT+1) on Insight TV, when my Special Guest is Blanca Vergara, founder of Your Looking Glass. Your Looking Glass is an advisory and training company devoted to heart-centred business. Based in Amsterdam, Your Looking Glass works with visionaries all a...

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Insight TV is born!

I am delighted and excited to introduce Insight TV, my new series of  informational, inspirational and transformational TV shows! Each show, I will be joined by international Guest Experts from around the world, sharing their ideas, insights and real-life experiences; the highs and the lows, the cha...

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Saying NO to drama is a Conscious Choice

I was reminded earlier today of a conversation I’d had with a friend a few weeks ago.  It was a conversation about drama.  Not the “on-stage” drama that has us staying up all night learning our lines, but the drama we unconsciously create and perpetuate in our lives day after day. The drama of rushi...

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A thought about…being yourself

“Sooner or later, and when we choose, we allow ourselves to be ourselves” The journey is one of learning and discovery which may span many lifetimes. It is a healing journey. It may take different forms but it is ultimately about joy, love, peace and connecting with the true self, the person we are...

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Are you living a passionate life?

How many of us wake up every morning feeling joyful about the day ahead? How many of us are thinking, “Yes! Today is going to be another wonderful day living a life I’m totally passionate about!” Probably not that many of us, if the truth be known! So, I’ve been thinking about passion… When we live...

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