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International Conscious Leadership Workshop in Brussels for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Business Leaders

Sydney, Australia, 26th August, 2013: Leadership experts Helen Kerrison & Paul J. Lange announced today that the international Conscious Leadership workshops to be held in Europe in September 2013 will be extended to Brussels, Belgium.

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, an extreme lack of trust has developed at all levels of society globally. Only strong leadership in communities, business, and other organisations can restore the trust needed to return to prosperity. Entrepreneurs and business owners are singularly the group that can make the biggest impact in the fastest time. To achieve this they will need new skills and experience that helps them build trust and create real influence in their communities and countries.

“The mark of a great leader is not how great they aspire to be, but how they inspire others to be great” says Helen Kerrison, founder of corporate and entrepreneurial training organisation Insight in Business. Kerrison continues “What’s needed is a new approach to leadership, an approach that inspires the talent and potential in others. An approach that does not focus on status, headcount, or financial results as these are all just latent measurements.”.

Conscious Leadership Workshops teach a new approach to leadership. Even the method of learning is different to traditional leadership training. The majority of the workshop is experiential as participants learn by doing and experiencing how to use and embed a system of conscious leadership in their lives and in their organisations. Conscious Leadership is about being the leader of your own life first. It’s about being able to recognise the talents and potential in others and with that awareness inspire them to be the best they can be.

Across the globe, people and communities are mobilising and demanding honesty, transparency and integrity from business and organisations. The global ‘Occupy’ movement is one example. Leaders created from 20th century business practices need to be upgraded and re-tasked to be able to inspire and influence more aware and more conscious world citizens in the 21st century.

“Traditional leadership is floundering and traditional leaders are struggling to inspire those they lead.” says Paul J. Lange, co-founder and Chairman of CleverX Business Incubators. Lange adds, “Employees, especially Gen Y, are looking for something other than standard monetary and status incentives. They don’t want to be assessed, they want to be appreciated. They aren’t trying to achieve work-life balance, they want work-life integration. They don’t want to be told what to do, they want to be inspired by why they should do it and then do it to the very best of their abilities.”

The Conscious Leadership Workshops in September 2013 will be conducted in five European capitals – London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels & Dublin. When deciding which cities to visit,  Brussels in Belgium was a logical choice. Leadership is about many things, including influence and Belgium has had massive influence on the entire world at every level of society for hundreds of years, especially in more modern times with European and other global strategic institutions establishing their headquarters in the country. Belgian entrepreneurs like others are also struggling in the current economic climate, nonetheless they maintain a positive attitude toward the future and their ability to lead turnaround.

“We know that Conscious Leadership training can be a catalyst for sparking new opportunities for Belgian entrepreneurs and business owners to lead Belgium and Europe out of the current troubled times.” says Lange.

Most institutional reports about Belgium’s prospects rely heavily on the country’s economic ties to government, NGO, and other similar organisations. The entrepreneurial connection is completely discarded in most reporting whether from the National Bank of Belgium, Ernst & Young, or Bloomberg.

Lange continues “We believe that entrepreneurship in Belgium is a sleeping giant that is about to wake and have its voice heard. It makes no difference whether people are in a corporate or government role, or out in the marketplace building business. Everyone sees things around them that can be done better and that is one of the traits of entrepreneurs and leaders. We believe that the timing is perfect for Conscious Leadership training to help Belgium’s new generation of leaders create an environment of new prosperity. Belgium, like most countries needs inspiring entrepreneurs now more than ever before.”

Conscious Leadership enhances any entrepreneurs ability to successfully start and operate a business. It makes no difference where a person sits on the leadership table. Their job description or how they are seen or perceived in their community is of little consequence. The workshop is designed to help people at all levels.

The workshop delivers an intensive five hours of personal and professional ‘experiential’ learning through which participants rapidly develop the knowledge and practical skills to implement Conscious Leadership in their business, community, personal life, and any area where they lead or aspire to lead.

“The workshops are not about theory, systems and processes” says Kerrison, “They are about experiential leadership training  because unless you have experienced how to implement what you know, you haven’t gained very much. Ultimately, the power of any idea is in its implementation.”


About Helen Kerrison

Helen Kerrison is founder of the corporate and entrepreneurial training organisation Insight in Business, a presenter, coach, TV show host, best-selling author and performance leadership expert.

Helen is passionate about raising conscious awareness and developing personal and professional performance through fostering individuals’ talents and uniqueness. It’s about placing people are at the centre of business success and inspiring them to discover and become their best.

Since founding Insight in Business, Helen has trained and presented to thousands globally.

She has been a regular self-growth expert on the Cable TV Show ‘Living Consciously’, has hosted her own Internet TV Show ‘Life the Life you Love’ and currently hosts ‘Insight TV’ discussing leadership, personal and professional awareness and business success with guest experts from around the world.

Helen is British and has lived and worked in Italy, the United States, France and Belgium, where she is currently based. She speaks English, French and Italian.

About Paul J. Lange

Paul is Chairman and co-founder of CleverX Business Incubators, a serial entrepreneur, performance leadership expert and international speaker.

Paul is originally from Australia and has travelled most of his life,  living on every continent except the polar caps. He’s an online veteran predating the commercial Internet, and has founded or co-founded more than a dozen successful businesses in the last 25 years, across various industries and countries.

Paul’s purpose is to be the catalyst for other great people to realise the purpose they are meant to achieve and to bring it to the world. He does this by sharing with others the experiences and skills he has collected, by continuing to learn and put into action the learnings her gains from those that inspire him.

What drives and inspires Paul is working with people who can visualise what they want, are passionate about achieving it, and take action toward it .

For further information, please contact:

Helen Kerrison

+32 486 641767

Interviews available upon request.

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