It’s never about the money!

How often do you say to yourself, I can’t afford it?

From my experience, money excuses are never about the money!
Money is just the external expression of a deeper issue, which is usually linked to feeling undeserving and guilty about spending money on yourself.

So, when you use money as an excuse, what are your real objections?

Is it I don’t deserve it, I’ve got to give to others first, giving to myself is being selfish, there won’t be enough to go round and I’ll be to blame, who am I to spend this kind of money on myself anyway…

What if you had the opportunity to radically transform your life, however it would mean investing 997 euros. Would you do it? You see the thing is anyone can afford 997 euros. Think about it, you can put it on your credit card, set up a payment plan, or arrange to pay it off weekly, monthly, whatever – there is always a way.
And, taking the 997 euros example –that’s 20 euros a week, which is 2.7 euros a day – the price of a cup of coffee. Would you buy yourself a cup of coffee every day?

You see, it’s not about the money. It’s about how much you value yourself.

It’s about stepping into your purpose and bringing true meaning to why you are here on this earth. If you’ve ever said to yourself ‘there must be more to life than this’ – you’re right.

Trust yourself, because when you trust yourself you can invest in yourself. And invest in yourself because you’re worth it!

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you again soon!


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