What is your Why & Why does it Matter?

Why are you in business?

Join Paul Lange and me on this TimeOuts video and discover What your Why is all about and exactly Why it Matters!

Treat yourself to a TimeOut!

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And, we are rocking business in Belgium with the launch of Business Rocks Brussels (Bsnss Rcks BRU) on 5 December, at VIP Offices in Brussels.

Bsnss Rcks BRU is one day a month of coworking and business education on steroids.

It’s a day designed to get business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers to ‘get’ what’s possible when they come together and cowork in a high-energy space.

To ‘get’ what else is possible through mini-masterclasses of practical information to help make their business more successful.

And, then to get moving to build their existing business or new venture.

Here’s the Business Rocks Brussels link http://bizrocksbru2013.eventbrite.com

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