What makes an Inspired Leader and How to Become one!

Leadership is many things to many people. It can be good, bad and indifferent.

Leadership styles vary widely, from authoritarian, autocratic, top-down to delegating, laissez-faire, “hands-off” and all that lies between.

But, what about that most desired of leadership styles. The style that so few leaders exhibit and that seems so elusive and, in many ways, intangible?

What about Inspired Leadership?

I believe the mark of a great leader is not how great they themselves aspire to be, but the level to which they inspire others to be great. It’s about how they recognise the talents and potential in others and with that awareness, inspire others to become their best.

Is an Inspired Leader born or can inspired leadership be learned?


To lead in this way requires an understanding and connection with others. And to gain that, requires that you first have that understanding and make that connection with yourself.

This is self-leadership, being the leader in your own life.

From my experience, I see people becoming increasingly open to self-leadership, to self-awareness and making connections at a deeper level.

Does that mean that each of those people is going to stand out from the crowd and be the inspired leader of others?  No. Does it mean that each is connecting with the awareness that enables them to make conscious choices and take action to become the leader in their own lives? Yes.

All great leaders have this connection with self, but having that connection alone does not make an inspired leader.

Some people are so-called “born leaders”. They have a natural talent and ability to lead. They have the passion, determination and the drive to lead. You could say that their purpose in life is tied to being a leader.

But again, having that talent, ability and drive alone does not make an inspired leader.

Inspired leadership is when self-awareness and connection meets natural talent and ability.

Inspired leaders are those who combine the passion, talent and drive to lead with the self-awareness, humility and inner connection to step back.

You may not bump into many inspired leaders. But when you do meet one, you will know!

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    August 28, 2013

    send me more information on being a great Leader

    • admin
      August 28, 2013

      Hi Joseph, Thank you for your comment.
      I suggest you check out my blog for more great leadership articles and videos.
      Also, our Conscious Leadership European Workshop tour is in Brussels, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Dublin very soon.
      Later this year, there will be an online Conscious Leadership program and in 2014 a World tour.
      To be informed with all the news as it happens, sign up for free updates on my website.
      Also, connect with me on G+, LinkedIn, SunZu & FB.
      Best wishes.

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