Talking Business on RTBF – Belgian National Television

I had a great time being filmed by RTBF, one of the national Belgian television networks for a feature about doing business in Belgium. We had a lot of fun in my favourite co-working space, VIP Offices ! Huge thanks to Laurent, Mika and RTBF Did you know that unless you have a higher education quali...

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What is your Why & Why does it Matter?

Why are you in business? Join Paul Lange and me on this TimeOuts video and discover What your Why is all about and exactly Why it Matters! Treat yourself to a TimeOut!           And, we are rocking business in Belgium with the launch of Business Rocks Brussels (Bsnss Rcks BR...

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Business Rocks, so dust off your blue suede shoes!

Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner based in Belgium? Do you know why so many small businesses struggle, and how to avoid becoming one of them? Have you got a great business idea, but don’t know how to monetize it? We are rocking business in Belgium with the launch of Busines...

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Is 5 Minutes Long Enough?

Can you feel calm, relaxed and peaceful in five minutes? Absolutely! In fact, I’m sure you can think of quite a few ways to get totally blissed out in five minutes! However, what I’m going to suggest may not be what you have in mind! This is about spending five minutes doing absolutely nothing...

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How often do you think about sex?

The widely held urban myth tells us that men think about sex every seven seconds! Now, whether your thoughts go to sex every seven seconds or not, there’s no denying that our minds are pre-occupied with thinking about something, sex or otherwise, most of the time. So, what is all this about? Well, i...

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Would you get Naked?

To lead and inspire the best in others we must first lead and trust the best in ourselves. That means ‘getting naked’.   It also means being human, permitting vulnerability and being prepared to say ‘I don’t know…’ The thing is, the workplace can feel a very unsafe place to do...

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Seek advice, Lead yourself, Dare to be Great… and follow Brody!

This is a story of exploration, risk and leadership, and an adventurous little mouse called Brody… I often come across leadership stories in unexpected places, this is one of them… One day Brody and the other mice in his colony were out playing, running and chasing each other, when they...

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If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there

Do you know where you are going?       Is it where you want to go? If not, you’re not alone.  In fact there’s a whole crowd going in the same direction! If you want to change direction, to choose what happens to you and you’re ready to do it now… talk to me. No...

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Common Leadership Myths – the Thick Skin!

How many times is it said that to be a leader you have to be tough, detached, hard-nosed and, above all, thick-skinned? This is the Myth of the Thick Skin. And it can be compelling because, if you’re not thick-skinned then you are thin-skinned, figuratively speaking.  You feel your emotions, you tak...

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What makes an Inspired Leader and How to Become one!

Leadership is many things to many people. It can be good, bad and indifferent. Leadership styles vary widely, from authoritarian, autocratic, top-down to delegating, laissez-faire, “hands-off” and all that lies between. But, what about that most desired of leadership styles. The style that so few le...

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