Mindset for Success – It’s your thoughts that are the Key

Before sitting down to write this, I was reflecting on what I was going to share with you today. I was thinking about mindset and awareness and the power of thoughts and it didn’t take long before the obvious hit me – I had to share a recent experience of my own when, quite literally, I turned ‘I ca...

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Communication is Key: full article in “Away” Magazine

Here’s my article published in full in Belgium’s leading expat magazine – enjoy!...

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Break a habit today (preferably a bad one!)

Well, I’ve just got back from a really inspiring few days with my mentor, Lisa Sasevich, in San Diego and how great I feel! On the plane back I was thinking about how empowered I felt and about how just getting into a different space (mentally and physically) has such a hugely positive effect.  It f...

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Conscious Communication – interview with Helen

Listen to my 30 minute interview when I’m talking to Stacey Chadwell about Conscious Communication – a subject close to my heart! Listen to internet radio with thecoachexchange on Blog Talk Radio And you can read the article in wonderfully glossy Insights magazine from The Coach Exchange...

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Communication is Key!

Life can be stressful and relationships difficult, true or true!  What is communication? The dictionary says that communication is “The exchange of information… the use of a common system of symbols, signs, behaviour… a verbal or written message…” Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  So, why is this simple “ex...

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Sharing my “stuff”with the world!

Here’s me having fun talking about “life, the universe and everything” on Steve Toth’s Mind, Body and Soul show… Read the press release here… Helen Kerrison – the Founder of Insight in Business on Real Coaching Radio Network...

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My journey…

My Journey… The thing is, for most of my life I didn’t know I was on a journey! The fact that I was, only became clear to me 6 years ago.  Although, I must admit, I did have my suspicions before then, I just didn’t know what to do about them! I’ve always loved reading, writing, talking to people, ex...

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When you’re aligned to your purpose change is effortless…

Isn’t it amazing.  When you really want what you want, when you really believe you can have it, when you really believe you deserve it and it’s going to come to you easily and effortlessly – it does! Well – I just sold my house!  Not amazing in itself, but my house had only b...

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It’s all in a question!

What needs to change? “What needs to change?” That’s an interesting question and one I use a lot when working with my coaching clients. It’s one of those questions that at first sight seems easy to answer but on closer inspection reveals itself to be rather more complex. It serves as the opening gam...

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