How to engage in Reality Leadership

To lead others you must first be open to the world around you.

That may sound peculiar and even irrelevant to your own experience of leading, leaders and leadership, where the focus is on making things happen, rather than ‘opening up’.

What opening up really means is becoming available to what is actually going on around you.

It means experiencing situations as they are, instead of how you want them to be. It is about realizing when you filter situations through your personal lens to create your own version of reality, rather than connect with what is actually happening.

And, it means taking that conscious realization and actively allowing yourself to see with ‘open’ eyes.

Lighthouse leadership

We are all limited by our own vision.

We use our personal lenses to filter situations so they fit in with our past experiences, doubts, judgements, prejudices, fears, anxieties, and so on, and in so doing, we put a lid on what is possible for us.


When you lead with this system in place, not only are you limiting yourself, you are limiting the organisation and individuals that you lead.

And, the consequences are far-reaching.

On a personal level, you stifle your true potential and ultimately your life experience.

On a leadership level, you inhibit the personal and professional development and growth of those you lead which, more often than not, means you lose your best people.

People don’t leave organisations, they leave leaders.

Your purpose as a leader is to inspire others to be great!

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