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Conscious Success is a structured program of personalised, confidential, one-on-one mentoring and guidance to empower personal and professional success.


Conscious Success Process


The program combines self-awareness, consciousness and energetic alignment with a pragmatic, goals-based and results-oriented approach.

Program Content

Conscious Success provides a pragmatic approach to conscious awareness and personal and professional development. The program is both structured and flexible, to enable you to identify those areas that are most important to you and address the specific issues and challenges that impact your personal and professional success.

Conscious Success gives you the knowledge, tools and practical experience to identify what you want to achieve in your life personally and/or professionally. It teaches you how to change your thinking, behaviours and attitudes and create success that has real meaning for you.

The Conscious Success Process

  1. Current Situation & Future Vision
    • Identifying your Start Point
    • Creating your Success Vision
  1. Intentions & Goals
    • Identifying your Core Values
    • Identifying and prioritising your Success Goals
  1. Values, Perceptions & Beliefs
    • Understanding the conscious & subconscious minds
    • Exploring what drives your behaviours, learning how and why you produce your results and how to bring about change
  1. Challenges, Barriers & Blocks
    • Understanding how to release yourself from self-sabotage and ‘drama’
    • Overcoming resistance, procrastination, perfectionism and anxiety
  1.  Energy, Authenticity & Connection
    • Understanding the impact of vibration, resonance and attraction
    • Being who you are, saying what you mean, asking for what you want
  1. Consciousness & Mindfulness
    • Using breathing and energy-based techniques to relax and de-stress
    • Developing your intuitive powers and learning to trust your inner guidance

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