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Question… Do you wonder what you’re really meant to be doing with your life?


Question… Are you frustrated and stuck, repeating the same things over and over again?


Question… Are you forever waiting for more time, more money, better relationships, but nothing ever changes?



I have openings for 5 committed people to unlock the secrets of Conscious Success… are you one of them?

Attitude vs Aptitude

With Conscious Success you learn

*** What you really want and how to express it

*** What holds you back and how to let it go

*** How changing your thinking always changes your results

*** About your most important relationship and how it affects all the others

*** To believe in yourself, trust you intuition and be the ‘real’ you

*** How to release yourself from paralysing stress and anxiety

*** To create the life you really want to live


Conscious Success mentoring is a pragmatic approach to conscious awareness and personal and professional development.

Conscious Success mentoring is individual and personalised. It is structured and flexible and allows you to identify the areas that are most important to you.

Conscious Success mentoring is regular one-on-one sessions and email support in between sessions. You make huge shifts very, very quickly.



SAVE €250 on your 6 month Conscious Success program. Now only €2,500

SAVE €200 on your 3 month Conscious Success program. Now only €1,300


 To secure one of the five available programs, email Helen at or call her directly on +32 486 641 767

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