Do You Escape Life?

Or does Life Escape You? How often do you find yourself dreaming of your next holiday? Those luxurious two weeks of escape from work, routine and all the daily stresses and strains. Then the holiday ends, you come back to ‘reality’ and two weeks later, maybe less, your ‘holiday esc...

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Service or Self-sacrifice?

Your service to the world starts with serving your highest needs first… I know and work with many people who are service-oriented. Being a service person myself, I get great pleasure and satisfaction from serving others. However, service can easily turn to self-sacrifice, which is why learning...

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Insight Update: Tired? Need a break?

And, during June 2014 I have a very special offer for you!   Read more in the June 2014 Newsletter, including:...

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(Special Weekend Only REPLAY) Awaken To Your Greatest Life

*Please listen now. These calls expire Sunday at 12:00 Midnight Pacific Time This weekend I am being featured as top speaker for the Awaken To Your Greatest Life training series. Lance Hood and the Live Big Media team were blown away by the Personal Breakthroughs that so many have experienced as a r...

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To be You or not to be You?

I was having a conversation recently and during the discussion the topic of ‘character’ came up.  That got me thinking! It’s funny, because what came to my mind was not the idea of a person having character in the sense of honesty, strength, integrity, justness and other admirable qualities, but rat...

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Breakdown before Breakthrough?

The more we resist and fight against the situations in our life, the more they persist! I know I’ve had that experience in my life. The more I’ve fought and struggled against things, the more things I’ve had to fight and struggle against! When that happens, it’s time to let g...

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Avoiding the Anxiety Treadmill

I was working with a client recently who was filled with anxiety. Anxiety about security, money, relationships, sex, home, family… but most of all work.  And, his answer to this situation? To do more of the same… keep on working more and harder in the hope that things would change! So many of us are...

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What is it we all want and need? Love!

Yes, we all want to love and be loved! So, why is it that living loving relationships seems to be so difficult? What causes tension and mistrust and why do we so often end up living ‘out of love’ with the ‘wrong’ romantic partner? The key to creating loving relationships is understanding...

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To follow your Dream, you must know your Dream…

I would like to share a personal story with you… When I was a child, I remember watching a children’s TV programme called “Blue Peter”.  Those of you who are British or who watch the BBC will probably know the programme. It’s still running today, 40 years later! I remember watching the present...

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Are you looking for direction and purpose?

Many of us are searching for something more in our lives, we crave direction and purpose.  We have a feeling, sometimes a nagging feeling that keeps coming back, even though we may try to ignore it, that there must be more to life than this. We may dismiss that feeling, disown it, put the lid on it...

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