Breakdown before Breakthrough?

The more we resist and fight against the situations in our life, the more they persist!

I know I’ve had that experience in my life. The more I’ve fought and struggled against things, the more things I’ve had to fight and struggle against!

When that happens, it’s time to let go and focus your energy on embracing a different way of doing things, a new perspective and attitude…

Balloons in Sky

With the perpetual struggle, it really can feel like life is breaking down!

And, in a way, it is. However, the ‘breakdown’ is positive, it’s saying ‘This is not the way… this has to stop.’

For years, I created and lived in an environment of ‘criticism’. I hadn’t realised I’d created it, but I was living the consequences day after day. I felt undeserving, I attracted critical people into my life, I never felt good enough. Even my successes felt somehow flawed.

When I understood how I had created this situation and how I was energetically keeping it in place, it was a relief. At least I now knew what I was dealing with!

It was my stuff, and even thought it felt quite daunting, that knowledge actually made things easier.

You see, when we think that our lives are created by other people, by externalities and outside situations beyond our control, we are effectively disempowering ourselves. We’re saying ‘There’s nothing I can do, so what’s the point?’

But, when we know that we are responsible for creating our lives, then we can make peace with our past, forgive ourselves and everyone else, and release ourselves from the negative patterns and programs that we have been running for so long… that’s freedom.

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