Why is making decisions so difficult?

You hesitate, you decide, and then you change your mind.

You think about it some more, maybe you ask a few of your friends but at the end of the day nothing gets any clearer.

Procrastination is great for one thing only, keeping you confused and stuck.

When you feel unsure about a decision or whether to take action on something or not, ask yourself these four questions

First, do I feel totally prepared? Your answer will probably be ‘No’, and that’s fine!

Second, is this decision or action in alignment with my vision, with my intention, with my goal?

Third, will making this decision accelerate the achievement of my intention, vision, goal?

And fourth, if money were no issue, would I make this decision or take this action?

Now, if your answer is ‘No’ to the first question and ‘Yes’ to the other three, then decide and take action!

Trust it and do it – the rest can only unfold after you take the first step.

Have a wonderful day, make those decisions, take those actions and I’ll see you again soon!


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