Avoiding the Anxiety Treadmill

I was working with a client recently who was filled with anxiety.

Anxiety about security, money, relationships, sex, home, family… but most of all work. 

And, his answer to this situation?
To do more of the same… keep on working more and harder in the hope that things would change!

So many of us are on the exact same treadmill.  Different issues, maybe,  but our answer is the same.

The thing is, the real message of our anxiety is much deeper than the superficial expression of it.  We have to look within and ask:
‘What is the real cause of the symptoms I am experiencing?’
Because, until we ask this question, they will continue.


How often have you repeated the same patterns in your life?
How many times have you asked yourself when is this going to stop?
Well, it won’t stop until you stop!

Stop now. Be courageous, take a leap of faith, a step into the dark.
Divert your energy from your external struggles, turn your energy within because that’s the only place it will make any difference to you.
Trust that you are supported, that you will find a way, even if you don’t know how, and that it will become clear to you.

Here’s the challenge: face yourself and connect with who you really are; make that decision and everything will become easier.
You will find support and people to help you… but, the decision comes first!

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