Helen’s Story

Where to start?

Well, I figure if you’re here you want to know who I really am, so I’ll do my best to avoid the usual, standard “biography” and give you a true flavour of me!

It all started quite a few years ago in a small village in Norfolk (England), not far from the town of King’s Lynn.

I’ve been told by my mother that I was quite a “precocious” child.  I’ll take that as a compliment, but if the truth be known, I think I was a bit of a handful!

Helen Kerrison (baby)Funny, because my childhood memories tell me that I was a shy, rather fearful child who would take a back seat rather than risk being centre stage.

Starting school was a real challenge.  I cried every day, much to the disdain of my older sister who had the unenviable task of dealing with me.  Then, in primary school, I distinctly remember being terrified of “playtime” because fellow 8 year-old Philip Acres would delight in chasing me around the playground and “Tubby” Winters called my “owl eyes”.  Philip and Tubby, if you’re out there, apologies for naming and shaming you. It was a long time ago and all is forgiven!

However, my love of reading and writing was already with me and I would spend hours writing my own “books”.  Stories of adventures, mysteries, excitement and then epic tales of me as a successful-against-all-the-odds show-jumper riding my much dreamed of pony and winning red rosettes at local gymkhanas.

Imagination is a wonderful thing!

The first time I travelled abroad I was 11 years old. We went as a family to France, and it was a big thing in those days. I remember how different everything seemed in this strange, foreign country… but also, how exciting. However, in true “Brits Abroad” style, we took tins of baked beans and packets of cornflakes with us!

I’ve always been drawn to France, going back there often and as a 17 year old doing the “backpacking” thing with a school friend. No package holidays to the Canaries or Thailand in those days, it was InterRail and the channel ferry.

Helen Kerrison (young lady)It was no coincidence then, that I loved learning French at school, and went on to study it at University. The other subject I had a passion for was Geography. Even now, I can spend hours looking at maps, visualising the places, feeling the sun, smelling the earth, walking the path… mmmmm.

Was there anything back then to suggest that I would end up doing what I do now?
Looking back, yes, I can see how my love of travel, reading, writing, conversation and discovering the hidden and mystical side of life was pointing me in this direction.

It’s been an interesting path.  There have been ups and downs, painful moments and times when things have been unclear, but happiness, optimism and love have never been far away. I’ve learned the lessons that have been mine to learn and I’ve experienced the experiences that have created the life I love today, and for that I am very, very grateful.

The wonderful thing is, I know there’s an infinite amount of learning and experience still out there waiting to be learned and experienced. How exciting!

I’ve lived in a number of countries over the years, Italy, the US, France, Belgium. In fact, I haven’t lived in the UK since 1981. How time flies!

I spent 10 years or so in the corporate world  mostly in marketing, communications and CSR up until 2005, when the universe decided it was time for me to do what I was really meant to be doing and I was “restructured”.  My position ceased to exist. It was decision time.


Just as one door closed, another door opened and my path continued in a way I could never have imagined.  Within the space of a month, I had left the “employed” world behind me and embarked on the adventure of self-employment.  Yes, I set up my own business.

At the time, I had no idea where it would take me.  Since then, I’ve understood that I didn’t have to know.  What I did have to do was connect with what I felt passionate about, trust that it would happen one way or another and let go!

I know I am here to make a difference in the world, but more than that to inspire conscious awareness… to awaken potential… to support and energise… to accompany those I connect with on a wonderful and powerful inner journey so they claim and embrace the happiness and success they truly desire and deserve.

It has been my personal journey, and continues to be my personal journey.  The learning, the deepening, the enlightenment never stops.  It grows and expands in ever-widening circles, just like the pebble in the pond… there are no limits, everything is possible.

Oh, and another thing I’m passionate about… dancing!


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