To be You or not to be You?

I was having a conversation recently and during the discussion the topic of ‘character’ came up.  That got me thinking! It’s funny, because what came to my mind was not the idea of a person having character in the sense of honesty, strength, integrity, justness and other admirable qualities, but rat...

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Inside Out Success: Awareness

I’m often asked about consciousness, happiness, loving life and what the secrets are to being and having more of all these things. Awareness is the starting point… because so often, we don’t know what we don’t know! Without awareness, without the openness, curiosity and desir...

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Breakdown before Breakthrough?

The more we resist and fight against the situations in our life, the more they persist! I know I’ve had that experience in my life. The more I’ve fought and struggled against things, the more things I’ve had to fight and struggle against! When that happens, it’s time to let g...

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Avoiding the Anxiety Treadmill

I was working with a client recently who was filled with anxiety. Anxiety about security, money, relationships, sex, home, family… but most of all work.  And, his answer to this situation? To do more of the same… keep on working more and harder in the hope that things would change! So many of us are...

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